The Global Hamlet


You are welcome, masters, welcome, all! – I am glad to see thee well.

– Welcome, good friends…


is the first people’s edition of a literary work ever made.

It is thousands and thousands of people annotating, illustrating and translating

William Shakespeare’s Hamlet through the internet.

Everyone can participate, and everyone can try his hand

under the supervision of a team of expert editors.


The Global Hamlet is the first attempt to create a global author and to apply collective intelligence to the arts and to literature – The Global Hamlet is the crowdsourcing of literature.

Whatever your particular skill, be it writing, art, translation, or acting, you will find a place in the Global Hamlet. Users will be able to send their own texts, comments, images, even film, to be included in what will become a social network of literature, a truly encyclopaedic archive, and an invaluable and innovative educational platform, meant to give a new shape to the very relationship between the student, the study method, and the textbook.

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The project, called “wonderful” by Shakespeare Institute Director Michael Dobson, has already been presented by its creator, Simone Barillari, at the TEDx Oxford in January 2015, and will be featured in the program of festivals and happenings throughout the next months, starting with TEDx PineCrest on the 27th of February.


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